Colomba Filippi: ‘Colombata’ at Alessi with an Easter-ish #tastingalessi!

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Fancy an Italian top notch Easter treat? Pop in at Alessi to taste and buy the amazing Colomba Pasquale by Pasticceria Filippi!

Colomba Filippi: ‘Colombata’ at Alessi with an Easter-ish #tastingalessi!

Everything at the right time: it is the Pasticceria Filippi’s motto and time indeed is one of the “ingredients” of the Pasticceria Filippi products (and Pasticceria Filippi is not only about Easter: you have met already their Christmas cake – an amazing craft Panettone – not to mention a wide selection of biscuits).

The Pasticceria Filippi brand dates to 1972. Since years it provides Alessi with the quality of raw materials and the art of the production. The Filippi’s Colombe (doves, after the shape of this Easter cake) have already… landed at Alessi, but next Thursday 29th you will have the occasion to try them with a sweet #tastingalessi event.

On display, the whole series of the Pasticceria Filippi Colombe production. As we were saying earlier, everything starts with the finest raw materials: craft, hand worked canditi (candied citrus), selected wheat, organic raisin, the single origin Domori cocoa, organic candied cherries and absolutely no preservative or artificial flavours.

As for the Panettone, for the Colomba too Pasticceria Filippi offers a wide variety of products:
The classic Colomba, chocolate Colomba, candied Colomba, white chocolate and candied orange Colomba, the brand new creative cinnamon and apple one.

The Colomba with a special, Mediterranean twist is the EVOO one. Yes: no butter or any animal fat for this Colomba, just 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil: a healthier and lighter option.

So: pop in at Alessi next Thursday March 29th – 3PM/7PM – three days before Easter – and choose your favourite Colomba!

The Filippi’s Colombe

  • Classica 500 / 750 / 1000gr
  • Avoriè (no candied fruit) 750 / 1000gr
  • Avoriè Chocolate (chocolate, no candied fruit) 750 / 1000gr
  • Colomba EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil instead of butter) 750 / 1000gr
  • Classica Volèe (with candied Calabria orange) 750gr
  • Chocolate Volèe (with candied Calabria orange and chocolate) 750gr
  • Speciale Ciliegia (with cherries) 750 / 1000gr
  • Speciale Gran Frutta (with dried cherries, apricots, citrus) 750 / 1000gr
  • Speciale Albicocca (with dried apricots) 750 / 1000gr
  • Speciale Pesca e Amaretti (with dried peach and Amaretto biscuits) 750 / 1000gr
  • Speciale Mela e Cannella (with dried apple and cinnamon) 750 / 1000gr
  • Speciale Gran Cru Vidama (with Vidama cocoa) 750 / 1000gr
  • Speciale Gran Cru Vidama e Arancio (with Vidama cocoa and candied orange) 750 / 1000gr
  • Speciale Limone e Cioccolato Bianco (with white chocolate and candied lemon) 750 / 1000gr
  • Speciale Veneziana (glacees with candied orange) 500 / 1000gr
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