This section is dedicated to Flour and Yeast, hence Pasta and Cookies!

The producers of pasta selected by Alessi for their customers are dedicated artisans, improvisation is not allowed here!

Flour coming from local farms, obtained from selected durum wheat, egg yolk fresh pasta, bronze manufacturing, ancient tools used with care and a slow drying process. These are the right steps towards a superb result.

Rough pasta tends to stick better to sauces, wheatgerm pasta is rich in vitamins and proteins, sleek pasta is nice with lighter condiments.
And then colourful and cheerful pasta obtained with natural ingredients: tomatoes for reds, spinaches for green, spices for yellows…

The shop at Enoteca Alessi has ever since been considered one of those places where you can find “those thingies” that the other places don’t have. As a matter of fact, just like it happens with unique wines and spirits, here you can find a very wide range of cookies: famous important brands next to small local producers!
The widest selections of the famous “cantuccini di Prato”… from Mattei (the inventor, the “dad” of cantuccini) to Forno di Enzo, going through a number of small makers found around the city of Prato! It looks like a challenge among the producers to deliver the best cookies, and maybe… It is just so!

Panforte and ricciarelli are local delicacies coming from Siena. Their origins date back to 1400, when marzapane (marzipan) was found on the table at the most elegant banquets held by rich gentlemen. Marzapane, indeed, as this work means a whole world of soft textured cakes made with almond paste, since sugar was very expensive and hard to find at that time!


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