Every wine, especially the very good ones, absolutely needs to be matched with the right tools to ensure perfection during the tasting ritual!

Giorgio has selected through the years some trusted manufacturers that create “the right tools” for tasting, aiming to please amateurs and experts.

What makes Enoteca Alessi unique in this field however, is the fact that many of the objects that you find in the shop are hand-made by Massimo and Antonella!

Massimo, as a matter of fact, has always been a gifted carpenter, and has created his first piece of furniture at the early age of nine!

Antonella is outgoing, imaginative and a bit of a “quirky artist”!

They hit it off immediately, and together they bring true Masterpieces to life: the tasting tables, chairs made from barrels, stools!

… And the cutting boards!

Made of acacia wood, cherry wood, olive wood. The little jewels that these two artists can create are simply stunning!

You can check the pictures of their works, but trust me…

They will not make them any justice!

The materials chosen for the objects come from precious wine containers, such as old oak barriques, wooden boxes coming from farms blended with new and aged woods, crystal resins, iron and much more…

With a lot of passion and joy put in the creative process!

By doing so, they make their dreams come true – but they will gladly realize yours as well!

Get in touch with them for a quotation!


Pulltex, Vinobar, AdOc, Jet Bag, Centellino, Be Cool, Berti Coltellerie, Saladini, Monopol, Cilio, Riedel, Rogaska, Schonhuber Franchi, Spigelau, Swissemar, Drop Stop, Long Lever, Zalto


Bottle Opener, Decanter, Glasses, Wine Thermometer, Cutting Boards, Chairs, Tables, Stools

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