Roner distillery product at Enoteca Alessi: #tastingalessi October 12th

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Roner Gin, Rum and Vermouth at Alessi – #tastingalessi October 12th.

Meet Roner, the Thursday October 12th guest of a new #tastingalessi session. The tradition of blending wine with spices and herbs gives Rum and Gin too an Italian… spicy twist.

Roner: three generations, one distillery

In 1946, in Termeno (Bolzano / Bozen, Trentino Alto Adige region, North of Italy) Gottfried Roner set up in his own home a still to produce grappa.

Like in many areas of the Italian mountains, also in Termeno people used to harvest aromatic herbs, berries and fruits to produce liqueurs or to blend them with wine. Gottfried’s gentian, juniper and blueberry liqueur became immediately very popular: the first great Roner’s success.

In the mid-sixties Gottfried’s sons, Andreas and Günther, joined the company, with Günther becoming the company’s master distiller.

A new, bigger grappa distillery was built in 1965, paired in 1972 by a fruit distillery and a bottling plant.

Ritterhof: Roner’s wine

In 1999 Roner acquires the Ritterhof Winery. In 2007 another distillery was opened. In 2010 Roner won the International Spirits Competition – ISW – “Distillery of the Year” title.

Roner today

While focusing on the highest quality for raw material and a great attention towards technology innovation, the Roner’s production includes now fruit spirit, grappa, liqueurs, but also Gin and Rum in an intriguing mix of tradition, innovation and creativity: the creativity, innovation and tradition that you will find in the next #tastingalessi event with Roner!

#tastingalessi event with Roner: the products

GW _ White Vermouth. A great wine (Gewürztraminer, for the records) gives a great Vermouth. Floral and spicy at the same time, GW – White Vermouth is a versatile drink, for after dinner or aperitifs, and in cocktails as well.

KS _ Red Vermouth. The uva schiava or vernatsch grapes confer freshness to a balanced yet spicy taste. After dinner, cocktails.

Z44 _ Distilled Dry. Classic dry Gin with alpine Pinus Cembra (stone pine) cones extract.

R74 _ White Rum. A double discontinuous distilled “classic” Rum, from high quality Central America molasses. A smokey, intense aroma with hints of dates and figs in the taste.

R74 _ White Aged Rum. The already great R74 acquires a higher level of balance aging in the Caldiff Apple based spirit barrels: CEntral America meets Alto Adige apples for a perfect harmony.

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