Varnelli all’Enoteca Alessi: masterclass and tasting session

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Varnelli – since 1868 – is back wioth us at Enoteca Alessi next February 22nd with the usual double appointment: masterclass for insiders followed by a tasting session for the public.

Varnelli all’Enoteca Alessi: the masterclass

From 12 to 15: masterclass for insiders only. The masterclass will offer the Varnelli neat and in cocktail.

We will put a lot of attention in terms of food pairing: the Varnelli products will be matched with cold cuts and cheese: from Tuscany as usual, but from Marche too, an hommage to the Varnelli origin.

From 18 to 19: #tastingalessi tasting session, public (price: €7 per cocktail).

Varnelli: the “number one” distillery

The Varnelli distillery has – literally! – the first Italian UTF license: the patent and licence to sell alcoholic products.

The founder of the firm was Girolamo Varnelli, in Pievebovigliana. The fourth Varnelli family generation is now at the helm of the distillery.

Year by year the Firm expanded with a very succesful mix of tradition and innovation. The Varnelli distillery products series is quite a wide one, with a keen attention to local ingredients and history.

From the herbs of the Appennini mountains, the Varnelli amari: Amaro Sibilla, Amaro Tonico – Digestive, Amaro dell’Erborista.

Very intriguing the coffee and chocolate liqueurs: Caffè Moka, Dark Passion, Skipass (dark chocolate with whisky).

One of the Varnelli greatest hits is the Mandarino Liquore Varnelli (tangerine liqueur), and the Punch series: tangerine, orange, Fantasia. Varnelli has also a Grand patissier series: Delizia alla Cannella (cinnamon) and Delizia al Maraschino.

Pop in at Alessi to discover everything about the Varnelli distillery!

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