Abissi wine: meet the awesome “undersea” spumante wine…

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The Abissi spumante wine brings winemaking to a higher level! No, wait: to a deeper one! Meet the bubbling wine finished undersea.

Bisson Società Agricola has been founded by Pierluigi Lugano in 1978.

Pierluigi wanted to explore the possibilities of the indigenous vines of southern Liguria, in the “Riviera Ligure del Levante”. It is thanks to Bisson that niche – vines such as “Bianchetta Genovese” and “Ciliegiolo” are brought to new life.

Bisson Società Agricola has a wide variety of products: red, white, “passito” sweet wine and even grappa.

In this post you are going to discover a very peculiar one: Abissi, the undersea – finished sparkling wine, in its three varieties.

Abissi wine: whys and hows of the “submerged” sparkling white wine

Pierluigi Lugano idea was to create a unique spumante metodo classico. The spumante needs a constant temperature and very low light. Something that you usually associates to the underground.

But Pierluigi went in a completely different direction.

Inspired by findings of perfectly preserved wine bottles in shipwrecks, and matching his passion for wine with the one for the sea, he decided to bring his spumante underwater: the sea floor (the 60mt of the Baia del Silenzio, Sestri Levante) is a very peculiar but perfect cellar, with its dim light and constant temperature (15°C).

The “undersea spumante project” effectively started in 2009, when 6500 bottles were laid in Baia del Silenzio (Silence Bay); this very first batch was released 18 months later.

Spumante Classico Abissi

Vines: Bianchetta Genovese, Vermentino, Pigato. Rests 18 months underwater.

  • Color: straw yellow
  • Perlage: fine and persistent
  • Nose: intense, wide bouquet; musky, salty notes
  • Palate: dry, long lasting, mineral.

Spumante Abissi Riserva Metodo Classico Pas Dosè

Vines: Bianchetta Genovese, Vermentino, Cimixia. Rests 26 months underwater.

  • Color: straw yellow
  • Perlage: fine and persistent
  • Nose: intense, wide bouquet; salty notes
  • Palate: long lasting, mineral.

Spumante Abissi Rosè

Vines: Ciliegiolo and Granaccia. Rests 14 months underwater.

  • Color: light pink
  • Perlage: fine and persistent
  • Nose: dry, complex
  • Palate: salty, minerals, berries.

Abissi by Bisson at Alessi

You can Enjoy the Abissi Spumante – sparkling wine, white and Rose in Florence at Alessi: our sommeliers will suggest you the best food pairing for this… underwater Spumante! 😉

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