Easter in Florence, Easter at Alessi: an Italian story

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Enoteca Alessi is your Aladdin’s cave for everything about food, drink and deli. If you live in Florence, or if you are just visiting the cradle of Renaissance, Enoteca Alessi is your best option to find all in the same place the best spirits and liquors from all over the world, and a wide variety of local top notch products. That helps a lot also when it comes to occasions such Christmas or Easter, when to find something special and unique can be not so easy… Unless you are at Alessi! Let’s take a look together at the reasons why Easter at Alessi can be such a great experience!

Easter in Florence, Easter at Alessi: an Italian story

Italian? Expat? We cover you with everything is Easter-ish! The main feature at Easter are the Easter Egg, l’Uovo di Pasqua, and the Colomba, literally “Easter Dove”. While the Italy – wide popularity of this dove – shaped cake is quite recent (Angelo Motta “invented” the commercial version of the Colomba in Milan, in the Thirties, to repeat the huge success of his Christmas Panettone), its story dates to the Middle Ages and it is related with the iconography of the Holy Spirit: a dove. In the Sicilian version of the Colomba the cake includes a boiled egg, a symbol of rebirth. No boiled eggs involved in the craft Colomba you can find at Alessi, but we have some very special Colomba, even with Extra Virgin Olive Oil! And the Easter Egg is indeed the other main Easter feature. If you think it is only for kids, well: think again. Here at Alessi we have a huge variety of Easter Eggs with high – quality chocolate, dark chocolate, dried fruit chocolate… Stuff that you can match with a good Whisky, Ron or Calvados…

Easter in Florence, Easter at Alessi: the Wine Bar

While the Enoteca is closed on Pasqua e Pasquetta – Easter and Easter Monday – for a week you will find special events and tasting sessions of the many Easter product in store. Of course, while you are buying Uovo e Colomba, you can enjoy the cozy, relaxed environment of our Wine Bar… Buona Pasqua!

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