#alessipiù: the event series in partnership, in co-hosting or sponsored

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Con il tag #alessipiù indichiamo gli eventi che si svolgono in Enoteca, oppure che coinvolgono l’Enoteca Alessi in altre sedi, e per i quali l’organizzazione degli eventi stessi è condivisa con altri soggetti, oppure quegli eventi per cui terze parti hanno richiesto la collaborazione dell’Enoteca Alessi.

#alessipiù: corporate, cultural, sponsored Enoteca Alessi events

You probably know already about the BOOZER PROJECT Bartender Course “Corso Start per aspiranti bartender” and the “I Renaioli” – Arno barchetto  experience next events, part of the #alessipiù series.

A label we already used in the past for some cultural events hosted in Enoteca.

But with the new events presented under the #alessipiù tag we decided to highlight another aspect: the creation of events involving the Enoteca along with partner or sponsor, to offer third party services in Alessi (such as the Boozer Project course); or to offer the Enoteca’s services not only in… Via delle Oche (such as the Alessi Gourmet Picnic on the Arno barchetti with “I Renaioli”).

Boozer and Renaioli have been the firts very welcome partners for the Enoteca #alessipiù project.

While Enoteca Alessi has always been available for private party and corporate events (aperitivo, brunch, dinner, for groups up to 40 people),

with the #alessipiù concept we propose events and other initiatives dedicated to suppliers and partners to whom we can dedicate a wider visibility on our blog and on our social media channels, and with whom to establish a collaborative relationship.

#alessipiù: if you want to know more

Just contact us if you want to know more about this great opportunity


A quick note for our suppliers: the #alessipiù will integrate to the Enoteca marketing events: jut let us know if you are interested in booking a special presence (on and off line) for the Christmas and Easter events (#avventoalessi, #pasqualessi) or in organizing a special, targeted #tastingalessi event.

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