Enoteca Alessi with “I Renaioli”: celebrating the Florence picnic on the Arno “barchetto”

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Enoteca Alessi with “Associazione I Renaioli” introducing at Alerssi a new #alessipiù experience. Come on in at Alessi next April 25th and know more about a very special Florence picnic, involving Alessi, a Renaioli’s barchetto and the Arno river!  The well-established collaboration between Enoteca Alessi and the “I Renaioli” Cultural Association continues. To celebrate it and to talk about the activities of the Renaioli, Enoteca Alessi and “I Renaioli” propose a special evening at the Enoteca: “PICNIC A BORDO – On BOARD FLORENCE PICNIC”, to discover the gourmet proposal for an Alessi Picnic on the “I Renaioli” barchetti.  

prosecco ruggeri - sponsor
Prosecco Valdobbiadene Ruggeri sponsor “PICNIC A BORDO”

“PICNIC A BORDO”… at Enoteca Alessi!


Enoteca Alessi  and “I Renaioli” are looking forward to meet you next April 25th, 4/7PM. We will welcome you with a glass of Prosecco Valdobbiadene Ruggeri, and you’ll know everything about the “I Renaioli” activity and the opportunity to bring with you over the Arno river, on a barchetto, the gourmet Alessi quality for a very special Florence picnic!

”I Renaioli”: 20 years of history, centuries of tradition

The “Associazione I Renaioli” was founded in 1995 to keep alive the traditional boats once used to dredge the river bed and collect the sand (renaiolo means who works with sand): the “barchetti” d’Arno. The association’s purpose is the recovery, conservation and maintenance of the barchetti; the promotion of navigation over the Arno on the barchetti; the spread of the pole rowing tradition. The historical value of the association’s activity consists of operations such as the census of all the Arno barchetti between Pontassieve and Signa, the recovery of sunken barchetti, the restoration and maintenance of the barchetti.

Over the Arno in a barchetto

The navigation on the barchetti is a service available between May and September; the navigation of the central section of the river takes about 45 minutes. The barchetto tour stars beneath the Palazzo della Borsa, following the Uffizi and corridoio vasariano under the Ponte Vecchio. With the I Renaioli – Alessi partnership the barchetto tour becomes… tasty too! Yes: you can have the legendary Alessi gourmet products for a very special Florence picnic on a barchetto. If you are interested in the activities of “I Renaioli”, but you can not be with us on April 25th, you can contact them at +393477982356 (also via SMS or WhatsApp) or on their website. Meanwhile, we are waiting for you to cheer salute! to the picnic on the barchetto!

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