Frescobaldi Gorgona: a Tuscan jewel from Gorgona Island to Enoteca Alessi

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We visited the Frescobaldi vineyard on Gorgona, one of the seven jewels of the Tuscan archipelago crown.23 nautical miles from the Tuscan coast, in front of Livorno, lies one of the seven beautiful islands of the Tuscan archipelago: l’isola di Gorgona.

On this tiny islet, a beautiful patch of land between a beautiful sea and a beautiful sky, the Frescobaldi Marquises make some very special wines: Gorgona Bianco (white), from Vermentino and Ansonica grapes, and Gorgona Rosso (red), from Sangiovese grapes.

The very small Gorgona vineyard – around 20 rows between Vermentino and Ansonica, around half a dozen for Sangiovese, is not far from the small harbour of the island.

The geographical situation, which sees it set in a natural amphitheater, which protects from the winds of both libeccio and scirocco, causes the vines to be moved only by the softer winds that keep the plants dry.

The geography of the vineyard – a natural amphitheater which protects the grapes from the strong winds of libeccio or scirocco – makes the vines be reached only by more gentle wind, that keep the plants dry without stressing them.

The combined richness of the salty air and the soil makes the grapes rich in salt: one of the essential components for the peculiar character of these wines.

Frescobaldi Gorgona: an added social value

The island is actually a prison : the inmates, under control of the Frescobaldi family and the oenologist Niccolò d’Afflitto, take care of the vineyard all year round.

The vineyard, at the end of the summer, gives small grape bunches, picked up by the same hands that attended the vineyard season after season.

The grapes will be crushed in the nearby wine cellar. After fermentation and a short staying the wine – in – the – making makes its way to the Frescobaldi cellar, in the heart of Tuscany, for aging and bottling.

The hands of man with the great help of nature: wind, sun, sea, are the ingredients for these few and rare bottles that every year have a different label to collect.

Gorgona can not be visited except at certain rare times of the year with organised trips.

Having had the opportunity to visit the island, to meet the inmates who attend the vineyards, accompanied by the Frescobaldi family and the people who have been working on this project for the past six years, has flattered and honored me.

Thank you so much!

We are very happy and honoured to have the Frescobaldi wines in Enoteca, including the wines produced on Gorgona.

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