#alessipiù: the event series in partnership, in co-hosting or sponsored

Con il tag #alessipiù indichiamo gli eventi che si svolgono in Enoteca, oppure che coinvolgono l’Enoteca Alessi in altre sedi, e per i quali l’organizzazione degli eventi stessi è condivisa con [...]

Enoteca Alessi with “I Renaioli”: celebrating the Florence picnic on the Arno “barchetto”

Enoteca Alessi with “Associazione I Renaioli” introducing at Alerssi a new #alessipiù experience. Come on in at Alessi next April 25th and know more about a very special Florence picnic, [...]

BOOZER PROJECT Bartender Course “Corso Start per aspiranti bartender”at Alessi

We are very happy to host BOOZER Project and its Bartender Course “Corso Start per aspiranti bartender”!

Bushmills: the ‘Irish Spirit’ at Alessi

Bushmills is the  – Irish – sponsor for the #alessipiù event with the – Irish indeed – writer Catherine Dunne, at Alessi for the launch of her new book – Italian [...]

Catherine Dunne: ‘Aperitivo Letterario’ at Alessi with Bushmills Irish Whiskey

One of the most important and famous Irish writers, Catherine Dunne, comes back to Alessi for a literary “Aperitivo” next Friday February 9th. The occasion? The tour for the launch of her new [...]

Wine & Food Alessi tasting with visit to the “The Cinquecento in Florence” Exhibition (in Italian)

Arts and food gang together in a perfect #alessipiù event: join us for The Cinquecento and Tasting Alessi experience (event in Italian) with Enoteca Alessi and It’s Florence!.