Max O’Rover’s ‘La Terza Vita’ booklaunch – with Roe & Co Irish Whiskey

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Max O’Rover, “Irish” writer, is back to Enoteca Alessi with his new novel “La Terza Vita” (The Third Life, Antonio Tombolini Editore, “Oceania” series, director Michele Marziani).

The event is free but with limited seats (you can book it via Evenbrite, email – or phone +39055214966), and it is an Italo-Irish (or Italish, if you want) indeed: the legendary Alessi’s taglieri with Tuscan charcuterie and cheese, paired with an Irish cocktail: Irish Mule, a long drink with Irish Whiskey Roe & Co, the Dublin sponsor of the event.

We look forward to meet you with Max O’Rover!

Friday June 16th 2018, Enoteca Alessi’s Wine Bar, 5.30PM to 7.30 PM.



Catherine Dunne, Irish writer, on “La Terza Vita” by Max O’Rover

Four characters: four intimate, first person narrative voices.

In his new and ambitous novel, ‘La Terza Vita’, Max O’Rover weaves a tale of the many ways in which we love and deceive one another.

He explores the joy and disillusionment that can come about as a result of the decisions we make, often for what seem to be the best possible reasons.

Through the tumultuous experiences of the four main characters, the reader enters a world of complex ethical and political decisions, mirrored by the chaos in their personal lives.

Irish Whiskey Roe & Co

The traditional Roe & Co distillery was nearby the Guinness Brewery in southside Dublin, St James Gate area, and one of the most important in Ireland.

The label is now owned by Diageo, the owners of the Guinness brewing company as well.

The rebirth of Irish Whiskey Roe & Co is in the wise expert hands of Caroline Martin, on of the Diageo’s master blenders. Come at Alessi and you will have a glimpse of the smoothness of Irish Whiskey Roe & Co in a perfect Irish Mule cocktail!

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