Meet the Enoteca Alessi Sommelier: Lorenzo, sommelier in Florence

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Meet the Enoteca Alessi Sommeliers! Meet Lorenzo, learn from him some great wines to try, and how to experience them at their best, both here at the enoteca and at home.


Why have you become a sommelier?

The will of bringing a great passion to a higher level; to acquire a wider knowledge in something that is a personal and professional interest.

What are your favourite wines?

It’s a a very tricky question: just think about the giganormous variety of wine here at Alessi: it comes to personal taste, food matching, time of the year… But if I have to highlight some wines I go back to more frequently:

Sauvignon Alto Adige (Pacherhof, Peter Dipoli Voglar, Vieris Vie di Romans), Maculan Fratta 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon.

I am a bubbly wine fan, so the selection is even more difficult, here… I’ll go for a couple of classics: Pol Roger and Bollinger.

A suggestion from you to a new Enoteca Alessi client: How to experience Alessi at its best?

My suggestion is: just try to forget for a second (or, maybe, forever…) all the reviews and stars from from the wine tasting apps. Discover your taste and refine it, while – why not? – making some experiments on the way.

A tasting experience is an absolutely personal moment; there are some guidelines, of course; analysis parameters, but, again: the feelings and the experience are just personal!

We are here to help: tell us about your tastes, or about what you are looking for from your tasting experience, and we’ll find the wines for you..

Not at Alessi, but at home: what are your suggestions for a client that has bought some wine from our cellar to enjoy them at home?

Uncorking a wine bottle is a ritual: an easy and very pleasant one, but still a ritual, with some rules, very easy to apply.

Temperature: check the serving temperature of your wine, as the wrong one can dramatically change the taste.

Food pairing: another important element; yes, it’s personal, but put a bit of attention in it.

Good company: a wine tastes always better with friends and people you love!!!

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