The Coffee section includes and accurate selection of blends and monovarietal coming from the whole world, with both local and foreign brands – ensuring a wide choice to please the needs of every customer.

Four different Manaresi blends are sold by weight (loose), both in beans or ground for moka or espresso machine, upon request!

Coffee has really ancient roots going back centuries and centuries, and it first came from Persia, Yemen and Etiopia thanks to the perfect hot and humid weather that made the plant grow at its best.

The seeds extracted from the plants were toasted, and after being roughly ground they were infused with hot water; the drink produced through this process caused stimulating and exciting effects, and was hence used as medicine!

After spreading through the entire world, coffee becomes extremely popular in Italy, where the implementation of moka and espresso machines gives the best possible results in terms of aroma and flavour.

One of the most important gastronomy experts, Pellegrino Artusi, already leaves notes on the preparation and tasting of coffee as well as ideas on a “home roasting process” to enhance the drink’s flavour at the end on nineteenth century!

According to Artusi, just like some kinds of meat give a better stock than other, some kinds of coffee – toasted separately – give a stronger aroma.

Artusi recommended to toast little amounts of coffee beans at a time and preserve it in a well sealed tin container, grinding only the one needed for the drink preparation, so that it did not lose its aroma. We are lucky to have vacuum sealing today!

Green, black, white, red… And even blue! Tea plays a leading role in different times of the day for many people. Come to the shop to discover the many blends offered by Enoteca Alessi, one for every different tea-break of the day!

Loose leaf teas and packed teas of the best brands and in (almost) any possible flavour you can think of, great to drink hot or cold for a special treat during the day, every day. Herbal tea and fruit infusions coming from the four corners of the globe to relax or get inspired, or simply to be carried away to far away lands and exotic places without never leaving home.

This ancient drink is a special guest at the Enoteca.

Did you know that all the possible blends of this tasty drink are obtained by a variety of processes such as drying and crushing the leaf of one only plant, Camelia Sinensis, in many different ways and wisely blending it with fruits and flowers? Let the very skilled staff help you choosing the tea for you, or just follow your instinct…

It is always time for a lovely cup of tea!


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