Those Odd Perfect Matches – exploring unusual food / drink pairings

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Those Odd Perfect Matches – exploring unusual food / drink pairings

After the summer we are back with some great news! Pop in At the Enoteca Alessi to try and enjoy… Those Odd Perfect Matches!

Those Odd Perfect Matches: between traditional and unconventional at Enoteca Alessi

Those Odd Perfect Matches is our brand new creative menu. We wanted to give our patrons the opportunity to enjoy an international experience, while keeping that experience a true, genuine local one.

We brought food pairing to another level, “mixing” traditional flavours and taste in something new and unique.

Ladies and gentleman, tale a look at our Those Odd Perfect Matches menu!

Tingling, bittersweet, dry and savoury

White Vermouth, Finocchiona and Pickled Vegetables

The “Finocchiona” is a Tuscan salami variety.

Its peculiarity is the use of fennel instead of black pepper.

The white Vermouth is a dry one: its dryness balances the roundness of the Finocchiona and pickles taste.

Holy Sheep! 😉

Tuscan “Vin Santo” (“Holy” sweet wine), Selection of Pecorino (made of Sheep Milk) Cheese, Mustards

The Vin Santo is a Tuscan sweet wine.

The contrast between the saltiness of the cheese and the sweetness of the wine finds its balance in a wise use of a selection of mustards.

When Piedmont meet Tuscany

Moscato d’Asti (sweet wine), Mortadella from Prato and Fig Mustard

Moscato d’Asti is a DOCG sparkling sweet white wine from Piedmont.

While originally from Bologna, the Mortadella at Alessi is a local (from Prato) one.

Again, the mustard (fig mustard, in this specific case) is the fulcrum of the balance between sweetness (Moscato) and weightiness (Mortadella).

Cheesy Higland

Peated Whisky, Blue and seasoned cheeses Cutting Board

An international option, for once!

We go to Scotland and its renowned whisky to match it with a selection of blue and seasoned Italian cheeses.

Again, we play around the idea of constrast between a weighty sapidity and a neat dryness.


Wild Cherry Ratafia, Dark Chocolate Selection

When chocolate come at its… bitter end, go sugary with Ratafia!

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