Visual food experience at Enoteca Alessi

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Visual food experience at Enoteca Alessi

Or: the beauty and the taste

Visual food experience?

OK: we are biased.


Well: because Italians are very proud about their food culture.

And Tuscany is very proud of its own declination of that huge heritage and culture.

Some of the best Tuscan wine estates date the beginning of their magic to seven centuries ago.

The cheesemongering and Extra Virgin Olive Oil tradition have a millenary history.

That hundreds, thousands of years are probably the secret – not so secret behind the uniqueness of Italian food.

You can almost literally taste and smell them in the ingredients, in the wine… Of course you have to be with us, in Via delle Oche, in Florence, to enjoy such an experience.

Of course you can even bring a bit of that back home with you: if you want more, just take a look at our e-commerce site.

Nevertheless, there is something of that experience that we can digitally bring to you: a visual food experience of that heritage and of what is going on at Alessi day by day.

Actually, you helped us in shaping this blog post, because the Instagram pictures below are chosen by you.

Yes: these are some of the most popular pictures from our Instagram stream.

So: what do you like of us while you are not sitting at a cozy table of our Wine Bar? Actually a good mix of that coziness: the wooden elegance waiting for you in Via delle Oche; but also the colours of fruit and vegetable waiting for you and our legendary taglieri, the wooden handmade platters highlighting the quality and uniqueness of our cheese and cold cuts.

Your favourite Instagram posts

Meanwhile, spring has come and you can now enjoy our light seasonal taglieri: pop in at Enoteca Alessi (for brunch, a quick lunch, but also for an evening aperitivo or a party) and you will not regret!

A visual food experience at Enoteca Alessi: beauty of Italian food culture
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